What should I do to arrive at a safe investment? Here is the step-by-step plan for buying real estate in Croatia.

Steps for buying property in Croatia


1 You’re searching the internet or you found already a dream villa by the sea, a plot or an apartment in Croatia. And you’re considering a purchase.
2 Do not contact the selling broker yet, or let him / her know that you work with a ‘buying agent’. Let us know which object you are interested in.
3 Our team will first conduct a short preliminary investigation.
4 Then, at your request, we will carry out a full investigation: We provide a clear and complete overview of preconditions and rule out uncertainties. If desired, we also look for building conditions for the specific building zone. For details, see our buying guide. The costs for this are relatively limited. We will make an offer for this.
5 On the basis of the investigations’ outcome, you may decide to invest. Middelland organizes the entire purchase process (we take over this activity from the local agent, as we apply ‘Dutch’ methods to prevent any risk. For a full overview of costs involved, see theĀ buying guide.



“We already found a property that has our interest”

This is actually the most common way of working for us: if you have found a villa by the sea or a plot or apartment through one of the many websites, and it appeals to you, then we will further guide the purchase process. This does not cost anything extra. Send us the link of the object via email and we will contact you to explain the procedure. Click here for more information.