A mortgage in Croatia has been possible for a few years now, even for buyers from abroad. The conditions, however, are different than a mortgage in the Netherlands and / or Belgium. The bank wants to have more securities from the person taking the loan. The bank wants full guarantee that you can always pay interest and repayment. This is not easy when you do not earn your income in Croatia. However, obtaining a mortgage in Croatia is becoming more easy now that Croatia enters the EURO zone.


Banks in the Netherlands and / or Belgium offering mortgages for Croatia

Most Middelland clients have their own home in the Netherlands or Belgium, with surplus value. They conclude a new loan with their bank on the (increased) value of the owner-occupied home. With the released power the house is purchased in Croatia. The advantages of this construction are:

  1. It is your own bank, which you already know well -> so lower risk -> lower interest rates
  2. Both the borrower (you) and the collateral (your home in NL or BE) are registered in the same country as the bank -> so lower risk -> so lower interest rates

Some Dutch and / or Belgian banks have special mortgage loans for homes in Spain, or France as collateral. There are no banks in the Netherlands or Belgium that provide loans with a property in Croatia as collateral. The same applies to Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, etc.

Banks offering mortgage in Croatia

The two largest banks in Croatia offer mortgages to foreign registered (non-residents) who buy a property in Croatia. The banks have many additional requirements, such as extra screening, sometimes the request to deposit guarantees at their bank, to bring in other assets as collateral or to leave a person with regular income in Croatia as co-debtor.

See here the pages with mortgage advice for the following banks:

The Erste & Steiermarkische Bank d.d. is the 3rd largest bank in Croatia and is a modern bank with modern (English-language) internet banking. It is part of Erste Group which is one of the oldest and largest banks of, say, the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. Your best bet is to call the regional office for mortgages?


Erstebank Split: +38572374530
Erstebank Sibenik +38572374540
Or contact us to introduce you to direct English speaking person.
Hypotheek in Kroatie bij PBZ bank

Zagrebačka banka is a member of the commercial bank UniCredit, the largest bank in Croatia and is one of the most popular banks with our customers. They have branches everywhere and have English speaking staff.

General phone number: +385 (0)1 3773 333