For a real estate purchase in Croatia, start by checking the title of ownership and all details about the property. The real estate market in Croatia is becoming more modern, but is also bureaucratic. And often owners have not updated their ownership details. For many personal reasons. Often properties in Croatia have 2 or more owners. It is also vital to know whether there are claims on the land, or whether the road to the plot is an official road. In this article we will learn exactly how to find out the ownership and characteristic information about a property and what the meaning of it all is.


How do I check the title of ownership in Croatia?

There are two central registration bodies:

1. The cadastre of Croatia

The ‘katastar’ (cadastre) is a government agency that keeps official data related to the current status of real estate and plots, such as:

  • The cadastre number
  • Size of the plot in square meters
  • Destination of the lot: building land, agricultural land, open field, a street, etc.
  • What is officially present on the lot: a residential building, a garden.
  • The registered title of ownership, often including address. This information is usually incorrect because the data is not automatically updated and owners usually do not keep track of it.

2. The land book registry in Croatia.

This system records the legal status of plots, including historical data, and the title of ownership. Here you can find if, for example, there is a pledge on a plot. A lawyer can check the land book for you.


Where can I find property details about a plot of land in Croatia?

On this page you can search the property details of a plot of land yourself, using a kind of google-map (but even sharper).

eigendom vaststellen via het online kadaster

Or you can look up a property using the land book number.

Please note that the cadastre number usually does not match the number in the land book. If you only have the Katastar plot number and it does not match the land book, you need to go to Katastar in person to request the Zemljišnoknjižna čestica (land register number). This is the identification number used in the land book.

When you are considering buying a property, we always start with an investigation first. This research usually starts with the land register and land book. See here our suggested steps to a safe investment in Croatia.

Later, when you have bought your house in Croatia, you can see for yourself online that you are 100% owner.



How can I find out everything about a property, house, villa, apartment or land in Croatia?

We will find this out for you. This is one of the most common ways for Middelland: through one of the many websites you have found an apartment or house or plot of land that appeals to you. But you want the assurance of a safe purchase. In your own language. We guide you through the entire process, or carry out a complete survey on your behalf. This never costs more than when you contact a local agent directly.