There are many agents in the real estate market in Croatia. So why should you choose Middelland? 

A new approach

In the recent past, many real estate transactions with foreign buyers resulted in insecurities, legal problems or simply delay. Local real estate agents will often take commission form two sides (seller and buyer), which makes their advice questionable. Also, they tend to ‘forget’ to inform buyers about possible legal issues that may arise with the purchase of certain property (a lot of houses in Croatia do not have a ‘clean title’). In this environment it is important to communicate professionalism that works on the clients behalf and puts the clients interests first. That is where we make the difference. We do this by providing our clients with all of the information necessary to make an informed purchase. Our goal is to provide our clients with possibilities and the choice. We do this in their preferred language: English, German, Italian or Dutch.

Why choose Middelland? Because we have 18 years of knowledge of the market

Croatia and Montenegro have a highly potential leisure real estate market. It is new and fresh, but like every country in transition, still has its obstacles to overcome. New ecological laws slowed the market in Croatia and new rules and zoning plans caused insecurities. We act pro-actively and pragmatically to this. We execute full due diligence on all properties before you can sign the contract.


Access to all properties

Middelland is constantly researching the Croatian real estate market to stay up-todate on what is happening and to be expected. We work with different local agencies and can select from their offer. Thanks to our collaboration for over the last 10 years, they know we only want good value and good quality property. This information keeps Middelland always well informed and pragmatic towards its clientele.

Middelland chooses her network carefully. It is the sum off our expertise that is at your disposal. We are Dutch, we know Croatia, we have lived all over the world. Our multilingual and Dutch approach attracts all people who do not speak Croatian.


Why choose Middelland as your agent?

Many local estate agents work on behalf of both you and the owner. Legally this is acceptable, but it is doubtful whether you will get the security you’re looking for. Middelland is the buyer’s agent. This costs you nothing extra: the selling broker shares his brokerage fee with Middelland. Middelland will carry, however, out the entire purchase procedure with in-house lawyers who work on buyer’s behalf. It sounds simple, but it’s rare to find this in Croatia.

We do a preliminary research on every single property and give you full report

Any investment should be an informed one. Middelland conducts a three-dimensional preliminary investigation and presents the situation in a transparent and objective manner, mapping out every risk. We would be happy to put you in touch with satisfied former clients who can confirm why this is so important.