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Southern Dalmatia has been the latest part of Croatia to be discovered by Western Europeans, but also the most beautiful part. For a long time this region has been hard to reach as it was cut off from the rest from Croatia by a little stretch of Bosnia and a lack of direct flights to Dubrovnik. This is changing at a unprecedented pace. Gigantic cruise ships are visiting Dubrovnik daily and the American hit series ‘Game of Thrones’ has attracted a new and young crowd to ‘the pearl of the Adriatic’. But not only Dubrovnik has a lot the offer; the spectacular mountains, oysters and wines of the Peljesac peninsula and the mesmerizing beauty of the island and town of Korcula makes this region the most attractive for those who seek beauty and quality. Being an independent and wealthy republic (of Ragusa, the Italian name for Dubrovnik), this area has a certain sense of luxury and beauty that will makes this the no. 1 destination for the jet set in Croatia.



With the recent tourist boom in and around Dubrovnik there are a lot of developments planned in this area. Already the city of Dubrovnik suffers from a shortage of rooms and apartments, with high prices as a result. Buying an apartment in the old city of Dubrovnik is practically impossible, but just outside the city walls there are still some possibilities. But the real investment potential is in the surrounding villages and the islands of Peljesac and Korcula. However still quite difficult to get to, this remoteness adds to a sense of exclusivity. Everywhere in the former republic of Ragusa there are old villas to be found and most buildings have a little more extra to them than up North. In Orasac, just outside of Dubrovnik, lies Dubrovnik Sun Gardens, a modern and beautifully situated resort with still some apartments on sale.



De zuidelijke regio van Kroatië is een tweedaagse autoreis van Nederland en België verwijderd. Met het vliegtuig duurt het ca. 2 uur met goede, en gunstige, verbindingen op Dubrovnik. Het eiland Korcula is een paradijs, maar ook een langere reis: met het vliegtuig moet men op Dubrovnik vliegen, en dan een auto nemen naar het puntje van het schiereiland Peljesac en dan de veerboot naar Korcula. Met de auto rijdt men langs de Dalmatische kust en kan halverwege al oversteken naar Korcula.