While Croatia has taken a slower path towards a blossoming tourism industry, Montenegro has developed at a very different pace. Foreign investors are welcomed here and everything seems possible. As a non-EU member, the country also offers some fiscal advantages that will benefit wealthy foreigners. As the Switzerland of the Balkans, Montenegro aims to lure yacht owners and investor to its small, but very natural rich country. The most popular area is the bay of Kotor, a fjord that cuts deep into the mountainous inlands of Montenegro. Around the town of Tivat, which has an international airport, luxury developments as Porto Montenegro and Lustica Bay have already attracted an influx of well-off visitors. But the country has more to offer, also for people with a smaller budget. Renovation objects are still plenty, and the development of ski resorts makes the country an all-year destination. The ‘tipping point’ at which major airlines start to have regular flights to Montenegro is in sight and also the airport of neighbouring Croatian city of Dubrovnik makes the country easier and easier to get to.

baai van Kotor in Montenegro


Montenegro duurt ca.. 2 reisdagen met de auto. Met het vliegtuig vliegt men, vanuit de Benelux in 2 uur op Dubrovnik (de luchthaven van Dubrovnik is feitelijk dichter bij de grens met Montenegro.